The client is a startup that aims to make navigation for salons search process more efficient. To do this, they hired me to design user journey for searching salons in Germany, Easy process to filter the salon list.

Time: 3 weeks

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and uploaded by the permission of the company.

My Role

The main challenge is to make an easy and efficient search process. I was responsible for User Research, find out the problem, giving a solution and create the Wireframe.

The Challenge

To create an easy search process for the user, get easy access to the salons to address that they are looking for. Show related offers for that particular salons.

Project Process

CORE Brand Attributes

In this section, we took the time through a UX facilitation workshop to understand the brand across six different areas. I had met over Skype with 2 company partners along with a Product Manager. So by brand attribute, I came up with the idea of how the brand is trying to communicate.

Project Goal

We talked with the Developer team as well as their existing customer to understand the need and providing features.

Here Obtainability means how easily Company can provide these features. On the other hand

Desirability means Customer demand.

User Profile & Story

Competitive Analysis

When I had a discussion on a brand attribute they offered a Wireframe which they thought would work for them. The wireframe was pretty good but the problem was with the search option. They keep three fields to search. One is for service name another for Region and last one for Town. We ran a simple user testing and found out that almost 10% avoid the 2nd and 3rd field and go to list page again search by service. 15% didn't understand where they should actually search. They simply scroll and bounce. 25% do typos and landing to "No salon found".

During the competitive analysis, we raised the question: what is the most widely used search portal in that region. What search style people already are used to? The answer was gelbeseiten (a yellow page) and Competitor name suggested.

Creating Wireframe


Going from Home page to the desired result was not easy. In the whole process sometimes I had to do A/B testing to choose one option. A/B testing is a bit expensive so we tried with some of our support manager who is dealing client, helped us out. At the end, I was able to create a solution which our user already use to. An Easy filter system is also introduced. During this project, I learned a lot about principles for designing search & results.