REVE Chat offers online live chat software for websites, that helps provide the fastest way to engage customers with live chat & voice chat services.

Time: 3 weeks

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and uploaded by the permission of the company.

My Role

Researched on ideas that met both customer needs and business goals. I tried to focus on showing benefits more than features and the easy installation process.

Designed the wireframes, mockup, and visual design.

The problem

Information, Navigation, and Installation process are showed in a proper way which causing less conversion rate

Competitive Analysis

Competitors Analysis can help us identify what they did right and more importantly, where we can make us better. Thought due to a short deadline, I did short research of the major firms like Zopim, olark, Pure Chat, Live Chat Inc.


Who are we really design this for? This platform will be used by people in their mid 25–40s, who have a diligent work life. Primarily I made some points to narrow down on the type of audience we are going to target, then commenced interviewing my friends and coworkers

The following is a provisional persona, Which is based on the 4 people I interviewed.

Wireframes the solution

Creating Visual Design


This project was really motivating for me. I believe this didn't end. We are continually improving the site by testing, user feedback, and analytics report. I worked on this site from analyzing the old site to publishing a fully customizable WordPress Site.

The website got Great User Experience 2017 Award by FinanceOnline.